NCERT Most Important Questions - Geography Chapter 1 - Resources and Development -2022

NCERT Most Important Questions - Geography Chapter 1 - Resources and Development -2022

 1.What do you mean by resources? 


Define resources. 

2.Classify resources (in brief) on the basis of :-

    a) Origin

    b) Exhaustibility

    c) Ownership

    d) Status of development

3) What do you mean by sustainable development? 

4) What are the causes of land degradation? 

5)Write some measures to control land degradation.

6) What do you mean by erosion? Suggest some measures to control erosion. 

7) Differentiate between Khadar and bhangar. 

8)Write short note on the following:-

    a) forest and mountainous soil

    b) Alluvial soil

    c) black soil or regur soil

    d) arid soil. 

9) What do you mean by resource planning? 

10)Explain agenda 21.

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